Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure enters Part 3 with Stardust Crusaders. Coming off the heels of the Pillar Men arc and Joseph Joestar’s triumphed victory, Part 3 centers on an elderly Jojo (Joseph) and his daughter Holly & grandson Jotaro who both possess new abilities known as Stands, due to the reemergence of old family enemy Dio Brandon. The main issue with Dio’s return is that Holly’s Stand is killing her so Jojo & Jotaro must defeat Dio within a time limit of fifty days, or Holly will die.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is an 1987 Shounen/Seinen manga series, it is written & illustrated by Hirohiko Araki and licensed by Viz Media. It is currently available in English.

Jotaro as he appears in the manga.

Campy shounen manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure returns with another story arc and another new lead, or rather a new co-lead as Joseph Joestar is indeed very present within this arc, even as an elderly man. Having now fathered a a daughter named Holly, who’s mothered Jotaro, Joseph has rarely changed from his young adult days, though he does get semi-serious from time to time due to his new family. An old family enemy returns in Dio Brandon, who’s resurgence now threatens the life of Holly due to a new ability called “Stand” which was gained through his revival. Joseph & Jotaro must now race against the clock to defeat Dio within fifty days or Holly will die.

Old man Jojo.

THE GOOD: The zany writing and illustrations of Hirohiko Araki returns in part three (arc four) of the insanely entertaining Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure manga. This is an extremely campy, comedic series, so it definitely won’t be for everyone, but for manga readers with open minds, they’ll find pretty looking art, fun storytelling, some decent action, and some hilarious dialogue.

Though the third Jojo, Jotaro acts as a bit of a support character to Joseph.

THE BAD: Nothing in particular.

Jotaro & Jojo together in the manga.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3 introduces a new, albeit supporting Jojo in Jotaro. Admittedly it feels like Joseph remaining as the lead was the right move as he’s deserving of remaining in the top spot for a little while longer, while they establish Jotaro more. Otaku Dome gives Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders a 93 out of 100.

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