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Los Santos is going to run rampant with crime come October 1st. That’s not a typo, GTA V’s online portion doesn’t launch on the game’s release date, September 17th, but rather a few weeks later at the beginning of October. But look at all that’s coming!

Coordinate heists with friends, create your own races and deathmatches, buy property, customize vehicles – GTA V’s online gameplay looks to have improved 10fold over GTA IV. We expect to see more as the release date creeps ever close – when we know, you’ll know!

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  • Aid180

    The video looked great. I don’t like games that do not release the full product from the beginning. It feels like I’m being ripped off by not having the full game the moment I get it. Still, it looks really fun. Now all I need is some friends to play it with…

    • Cory Smith

      The Otakudome staff would love to play with you bud. add fatbandit27 and send him a message! We’re gonna try and get our own crew together and start the game as fast as possible. I know this is late but still, We would like to in fact play with you and others.

  • Victor_Jordan

    I got you Aid.

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