Running in America since the English dub first premiered on Adult Swim in 2006, Bleach has become an overseas icon, just as it had in it’s home country of Japan. With the manga in it’s final arc, and the anime running for nearly 10 years, Bleach has had a special place in the hearts of Shounen fans everywhere. There was plenty of ups and just as many downs, but the Bleach franchise will go down as an anime favorite for years to come.


Bleach is an 2004 Shounen anime series, it is produced by Studio Pierrot and licensed by Viz Media. It is currently available through streaming services and DVD.

Ichigo unleashing his Fullbringer powers.

Ichigo unleashing his Fullbringer powers.

Opening with a timeskip from the Fake Karakura Town arc, the 16th and final season of Bleach ends with the Fullbringer arc. After losing his Soul Reaper powers, Ichigo becomes a normal high school student, while his friends who still have their spirit energy take down the Hollow threat. After meeting the mysterious Kugo Ginjo, Ichigo regains his spirit energy as a Fullbringer.

Byakuya attacks.

Byakuya attacked.

THE GOOD: The end has come for the Bleach anime for now. After nearly a 10 year run, Bleach has left memories in the hearts of millions of anime fans. The final arc of the anime is an canon arc from the manga, featuring the Fullbringers; human beings who possess spirit energy and can perform extraordinary abilities because of this. I appreciated the time skip in this arc, it’s always a real treat seeing characters experience some sort of aging. And Ginjo’s character 180 was a shock for someone who hadn’t previously read the manga like myself.

Ichigo in his fullbring.

Ichigo in his fullbring.

THE BAD: There was some filler episodes that kind of threw off the story.

Ginjo and his fullbring.

Ginjo and his fullbring.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The last episodes of the Bleach anime series was a fun final hurrah. After an mostly excellent almost 10 years, the Fullbringer arc brings the anime to an fairly respectable close. With some twists and turns as to who was the main antagonist, we received a big final showdown that ended in satisfying results. There was some filler that kind of took away from the story though, unfortunately. Otaku Dome gives Bleach Set 26 an 80 out of 100.

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