The latest installment of Fairy Tail continues the dub’s introduction of the sequel/2014 continuation, unfortunately this set is the beginning of an 20+ episode filler arc. Focusing on the Celestial Spirits, this arc has the Zodiac Keys going ‘dark’ against their contracted Wizards in order to be free from their control. Lucy, Yukino, Natsu, and crew work together to bring the spirits back to their senses before it’s too late.


Fairy Tail 2014 is an 2014 shounen anime series and an direct continuation of Fairy Tail. It is produced by A-1 Pictures and licensed by Funimation. It is available on DVD & Blu-Ray.

The designs of the dark Zodiacs.

The designs of the dark Zodiacs.

After the Magical Games arc comes to a close Fairy Tail shifts things over to an anime only filler arc based on the Zodiac Keys. On paper this actually sounds fun, and it started off well some some cool anime parodies (including a Yu-Gi-Oh one), and some funny moments, but the first 13 episodes quickly fall under the radar around the final batch.

Aquarius' response to Yukino & Lucy's favor.

Aquarius’ response to Yukino & Lucy’s favor.

THE GOOD: Fairy Tail Part 18 started off pretty well with Lucy and Yukino wanting to reward the Zodiacs with their efforts in the Magical Games arc finale. The first four episodes of this arc provides some fun comedy with the Zodiacs, Lucy, Yukino, Natsu, and Happy. Even after the actual arc gets going it still has some cool moments.

Loke is the main antagonist of the Celestial Spirit arc.

Loke is the main antagonist of the Celestial Spirit arc.

THE BAD: The Celestial Spirit arc goes downhill rather quickly after the first six or so episodes, and there’s another half we have to go through. We still don’t know what caused the spirits to go ‘dark’, and who if anyone is behind them going dark. Loke is named as the guy, but he’s likely the man in the middle.

Lucy vs Virgo.

Lucy vs Virgo.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: With a great start, good middle, and eh finish, part one of the Celestial Spirit arc is a decent affair for filler, but considering we have another thirteen episodes to get through, here’s hoping things back back up in part two. Otaku Dome gives Fairy Tail Part 18 an 70 out of 100.


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