DC has announced that the focus of the upcoming Villains mouth and crossover event ‘Forever Evil’ will be the former boy wonder, Nightwing. This initially caused concern among some fans as the man making the announcement, Dan Didio, originally wished to kill off Dick Grayson during another crossover event, ‘Infinite Crisis’. Mercifully, however, those fears have been laid to rest as of yesterday when DC made it clear that Nightwing won’t be falling of the mortal plain. It’s nice to see that DC have the good sense not to kill off two Robins in one year, it’s just a shame they can’t seem to hire decent editors.nightwing10658-600x337

Editorial decisions at the company have been questionable since the end of Denni O’Neils tenure, but New 52 and resulting reset have exposed some gross negligent decisions on behalf of Diane Nelson (President), Dan DiDio and Jim Lee (Co-Publishers), Bob Harras (Editor In chief) and Geoff Johns acting chief creative officer. I like to name and shame, so let us list some of God awful mistakes over the last little while shall we?

Starting with the New 52, DC scraped the numbering on the 3 or 4 of the longest running titles in Comic Book, or American publication history. ‘Detective Comics’, the series from which DC derives its name, has been monthly circulation from 1937. Secondly, while the New 52 was supposed to mark a new beginning with a fresh canon, the Editors instead kept certain aspects of the old continuity and not others. For example, and trust me there are many more, ‘The Killing Joke’ still happened, but was Batgirl was never crippled, and then we’re told she was and has just recovered. Far from making things simpler, the whole reason behind the reboot in the first place, the timeline is more convoluted than ever.

But perhaps the worst example of oversight steams from the lack of cohesion various titles, often with the same characters and timeframe have with each other. Back at the start of the year, Scott Synder was bathing in the warm glow of praise after completing ‘Death of the Family’, And rightfully so I might add. Spoilers, the story concludes with Batman forsaking his adopted children to save his real son. What a powerful ending, the death was a metaphorical one. Trust between Batman and his ‘family’ shattered. Months if not years of interesting stories could have been written in its wake. But barley a fortnight later Grant Morrison decides that Damien Wayne can survive the Joker on a personal rampage, just not some random thug, completing undermining Synder’s work. This is clearly the Editors’ mistake; mind you I wouldn’t put it past Morrison to have done this out of jealously of the attention the new kid was getting. Christ that man has and ego. Writers don’t seem to know what other writers are doing. At Marvel everyone on the side books takes their lead form the main one. They’re all on the same hymn sheet. At DC they’re not even in the same genre; Synder is letting rip with striped down punk, John’s is grooving on some 80’s techno, and Morrison is off experimenting with fart noise core, fuck knows in his case really.20130226-batman-inc-306x-1361913065

Then there’s the Crossover events. Since September 2011 there has been 11. 11. This shows a lack of trust in old fashioned storytelling, instead DC feel the need to reley on cheap marking ploys.  I have mixed feelings about crossover events. Some like ‘Civil War’ are masterful examples of storytelling across several on-going titles within the same canon. Others however, like ‘Infinite Crisis,’ are cheap, lazy, poorly written gimmicks. Yet gimmick seems to have been the mantra over at DC for the last few years. What else would one call the mass resetting of continuity? Even the covers for the Villains month will be gimmicky 3D Holograms, which brings me bag to where I started.

I could go on about the firing of Gail Simone, or Wonder Women’s costume, but writing this article is kind of like shooting homeless orphans. Funny for a while, but kind of depressing when you see the state things are in. You could say that Villains month is a gimmick too far, but I say DC ventured beyond the pale a long time ago.

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