Despite it’s cutesy look, Dragonar Academy is an pretty bloody & violent anime series. Full of ecchi, nudity, and some gore to boot, Dragonar Academy will surprise the unexpected if prior research on the series isn’t done beforehand.


Dragonar Academy is an 2014 Seinen anime series, it is produced by C-Studio, and licensed by Funimation. It is currently available on DVD & Blu-Ray.

Heavy ecchi there is in Dragonar Academy.

Heavy ecchi there is in Dragonar Academy.

Dragonar Academy is a weird sort of series, the cute character designs can easily catch you off guard, but let me tell you, it lives up to it’s TV-MA rating. Full of blood, ecchi, nudity, and more it’s not for the faint of heart, but the cutesy character designs will certainly fool some.

Ash and his dragon.

Ash and his dragon.

THE GOOD: The violence and mature themes were used as a great counterbalance to the PG looking designs. The action scenes are fun for what they are.  There’s also nudity if you’re into that being in anime. The English Dub is also pretty bearable if you can’t bother with the original audio.

Dragons as they appear in Dragonar Academy.

Dragons as they appear in Dragonar Academy.

THE BAD: Dragonar Academy can still be cute for it’s own good sometimes, and it can throw off the story from time to time.

Ash brandishing his weapon.

Ash brandishing his weapon.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Dragonar Academy is a fun, but short anime that will take those unaware by surprise. Despite it’s cute look the series definitely lives up to it’s TV-MA rating, being full of nudity, gore, and violence. There’s a ton of ecchi as well. Sometimes things can get a little too cute given it’s content however. Otaku Dome gives Dragonar Academy an 83 out of 100.



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