Dragon Ball returns in both manga & anime form with Dragon Ball Super, the new series which acts as an interquel retelling the events that took place during the ten years between the end of the Majin Buu arc and the Ending of Z (canon Dragon Ball ending). In Super hero Goku is trying to readjust to a normal life outside of martial arts and deadly threats to Earth, his friends, and family. This new found peace, like always, however is interrupted by the sudden appearance of the dangerous Beerus: God of Destruction. After making his debut, Earth is once again put in danger with new threats, including those from different universes.

Dragon Ball Super is an 2015 shounen manga series, it is writing by Akira Toriyama & illustrated by Toyotarou. It is currently licensed by Viz Media in English.

Goku living a humble life (and bored of it).

After eighteen years, Dragon Ball returns with a new anime and manga series detailing the ten year gap between the Majin Buu arc & EoZ. In the new series Goku meets a God of Destruction, learns of a new universe, and unlocks the powers of a God himself.

Goku vs Beerus.

THE GOOD: Dragon Ball Super brings a ton of memories for both old and new Dragon Ball fans. With Akira Toriyama returning to write alongside his new protege Toyotarou, fresh content is enjoyable, and features differences from the anime counterpart which are well written and excellently illustrated. New characters are introduced which expands the Dragon Ball lore to heights never before thought of.

A brand new interquel series for Dragon Ball fans!

THE BAD: Some readers may be confused by the manga/anime differences.

Hit is one of the great new characters introduced.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Dragon Ball Super gives Dragon Ball fans across different generations fresh content to enjoy for the next few years. New storylines, characters, and the return of Toriyama alongside the debut of newcomer Toyotarou brings about an excellent reading experience. Otaku Dome gives Dragon Ball Super Vol. 1 a 87 out of 100.

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