Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball manga hits a new full color release for the first time in the US. Much like the opening arc of the Dragon Ball Z anime follow-up, Son Goku teams up with Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, and his friends to defeat the evil Saiyans Nappa, Prince Vegeta, and even his own elder brother Raditz.


Dragon Ball is an 1984 shounen manga series by Akira Toriyama, it is published and licensed by Viz Media in the US. It is currently available in both digital and print format in English and is currently getting adapted into color.

The entire Saiyan saga colorized.

The entire Saiyan saga colorized.

THE GOOD: The completely colorized edition of Dragon Ball’s Saiyan Arc comes complete in three separate, hefty sized volumes. Translated in English, the colored manga shows off Toriyama’s art in very anime like fashion, which is great for fans of the anime who want to give the manga a read, the arc being colored won’t make the transition too difficult.  The action sequences and grand art are still all the same as they are in the original versions of the manga.

Goku vs Vegeta in color.

Goku vs Vegeta in color.

THE BAD: Nothing.

Dragon Ball at it's best.

Dragon Ball at it’s best.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Dragon Ball’s color manga run is shaping to be quite an experience. With easy transition from anime to manga due to similar coloring, the fully colorized Dragon Ball Saiyan arc is going to make a lot of long time fans happy to revisit the opening arc of Dragon Ball Z. Otaku Dome gives Dragon Ball Saiyan Arc Full Color an 89 out of 100. 




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