The original digidestined return in a brand new six part film series based on Digimon Adventure 01. Taking place after the events of the original Digimon anime series as well as Adventure 02, Digimon Adventure Tri Reunion focuses on the teenage lives of the original eight digidestined, three years after the events of Adventure 02. In the new film Tai is coming to the realization that he and his friends are slowly drifting apart, however the sudden appearance of a Digimon draws not only Tai and his friends back together, but their Digimon as well.

Digimon Adventure Tri is a 2015 shounen anime film, it is produced by Toei Animation and licensed by Shout Factory! It is releases on DVD, Digital, and Blu-Ray tomorrow.

The original cast of Digimon season 1 returns.

Digimon Adventure Tri brings not only the original characters from the first season of Digimon back together, but the original cast & crew for a six part film series reunion. In the first of the six films, Tai feels that his friends are drifting apart from each other. After a sudden Digimon attack, Tai and his friends reunite to surprising results.

Greymon (left) takes on a dangerous Digimon.

THE GOOD: After so many seasons and different series on the air, its great hearing the original cast for Digimon return for a little bit. The dub was excellently performed by its voice cast, and the action scenes and story brought some much needed nostalgia to the series with great fan service. The new OST really adds something special to the continuation of the original series, and the return of Tai & Matt’s rivalry was fun to see.

Tai & Matt’s rivalry is a fan favorite of the original series.

THE BAD: A lot of the first film feels somewhat uneventful for the most part, like its patiently waiting to move on to the sequel, especially with the last fifteen to thirty minutes. Also there was oddly no mention of the 02 Digimon Tamers, strange considering this film takes place three years after the events of that season.

The original Digimon Tamers with their Digimon.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Digimon Adventure Tri Reunion is a fun nostalgic thrill ride that brings back everything fans loved about the original Digimon series. While the story, action, voice acting, and such were good, the story did feel a bit like it was kind of just there, and the ending felt somewhat hurried. Otaku Dome gives Digimon Adventure Tri Reunion a 80 out of 100.


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