Ever since the launch of the Wii Nintendo has struggled to find its place in the console wars and market. The issues mainly came from Nintendo’s lack of third party support for the Wii, which greatly upset and disappointed a majority of its’ fan base. Nintendo listened to their fans however as they attempted to rectify the problems with the Wii U, a console that could go into full 1080p HD with promise of major third party support and also giving something to the hardcore gamers.




Did you ever think we’d get a game like this on a Nintendo console?



It worked for awhile, they launched the console (I would say) successfully with titles such as ZombieU, Assassin’s Creed III, Batman: Arkham City, New Super Mario U, Mass Effect 3, Black Ops II, and others. Unfortunately the success didn’t last very long as gamers felt they were in the same boat they were with the Wii soon afterwards.




One of the many launch titles responsible for the Wii U’s early success.



A number of titles that gamers are/were looking forward took time to release, most of which still being in development for a 2014 release, but one title that has given Nintendo  fairly good amount of exposure is Super Mario 3D World. With stellar acclaim from critics and some going as far as saying it’s the ‘”main reason to buy a Wii U”, Nintendo could see a sudden surge in the console’s stock within the next few months.




Could Super Mario 3D World be Nintendo’s saving grace?



Mario is no stranger to moving units for Nintendo rather it’s a console or handheld, but obviously one game won’t be enough to help, this is where the advantages come in. As previously stated Super Mario 3D World is getting major praise, but other long-awaited titles are on their way including the hyped The Legend of Zelda HD and Super Smash Bros, as well as the sequel to 2009’s Bayonetta which was shockingly announced as a Wii U exclusive at an Nintendo Direct event last year.



smash bros

Could Super Smash Bros. help get Nintendo out of its tight spot?


Super Smash Bros is being reported to have an April 2014 release which is around the corner for Summer, rather the season will add anything to Wii U sales remains to be seen, but a big title releasing just four months after the holidays isn’t too bad a move. It’s not like it currently has much competition (scheduled) for that time unless of course something like South Park: The Stick of Truth gets delayed again into the same month, then they might be in trouble as most people interested in a Wii U are likely to own a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 and would probably turn a blind eye to the Nintendo fighter in favor of the South Park title.




Here friend have a Wii U on the house!



Nintendo is fully aware of the issues some gamers are experiencing with launch editions of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One and after teaming up with Southwest Airlines a month or so ago they decided that it was now or never to get back into the game, as they gave away free Wii Us to passengers aboard certain flights of the airliner, which will surely increase game sells for a bit now that a hundred dozen people won’t have to worry about buying the console any longer.



But is it enough to help some gamers buy a second/third cheaper console or even cross-over completely? As the New Year speeds towards our way Nintendo must do whatever they can to raise the Wii U’s stock and finally regain the gamers trust. Will you go with the Playstation 4 or Xbox One this holiday or will you give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt and take home a Wii U?



  • Bob

    I have to admit Super Mario 3D World is the first game that makes me think about buying a Wii U, so I guess it is indeed a system seller, but for me, one game is not worth buying a console. I’ll wait until there are more games at a similar quality level as SM3DW. Let’s hope it doesn’t take Nintendo a full year to release another good game. So far, non of the games coming in 2014 look good to me, specially Smash Bros, I really don’t get why people care so much about this one. To buy a Wii U, in addition to SM3DW, I’ll need at least a new Metroid as good as the Metroid Prime series, and an original Zelda (no more remakes please) as good as Ocarina of Time (Skyward Sword was a great disapointment). So I guess I’ll have to wait for about two more years, maybe more.

  • Saren

    I think Nintendo are going to kill it this holiday season, not just make a comeback! Do it Nintendo you, you, you beautiful thing U.

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