Bleach’s third Blu-Ray set is out now courtesy of Viz Media. Taking place during the Rukia Execution arc between episodes 56-83, Ichigo Kurosaki and his limited amount of allies face off against the Soul Society in order to rescue comrade Rukia Kuchiki from death for crimes she’s been judge for. Unfortunately for Ichigo he now has to face off against Rukia’s brother, the powerful Byakuya.

Bleach is a 2004 shounen anime series, it is produced by Studio Pierrot and licensed by Viz Media. It is currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray in English.

Editor’s Note: A review copy of Bleach Set 3 on Blu-Ray was provided by Viz Media.

Rukia faces her death.

The Rukia Execution arc is regarded as one of the best arcs in Bleach. Mainly due to it’s heavy action and bigger focus on the Soul Society which went virtually unnoticed in the earlier episodes. A number of fan favorite battles such as Ichigo vs Byakuya also take place, as well as the introduction of new Soul Reapers.

Ichigo attempts to save Rukia.

THE GOOD: The Rukia Execution arc is one of the fan favorites from the first 100 or so episodes which have often been regarded as Bleach’s finest. Set 3 takes place during the finale of the arc, Yoruichi and Soi Fon reunite in battle, as Ichigo begins to struggle against the might Byakuya; Rukia’s older brother. Meanwhile, Captain Hitsugaya and Rangiku break into Central 46.

Byakuya protects Rukia.

THE BAD: Nothing in particular.

A great set full of canon episodes.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Bleach Set 3 continues the anime’s great early run with the Rukia Execution arc. Full of action and canon, it provides the satisfying end to the fun-filled aforementioned arc. Otaku Dome gives Bleach Set 3 an 82 out of 100.


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