Allegiant Review (Divergent Book #3)


The Good:

Tris and Tobias’s Point of View: For the last book in the Divergent trilogy, Veronica Roth did something to spice things up. For Allegiant, she told the story through the eyes of her two main characters, Tris and Tobias. Each chapter alternated between Tris and Tobias with Tris starting things off in chapter one. It was pretty cool to see because by this time, we’ve now accepted Tobias as a big part of the entire series. Some may even argue that the Divergent series was about him but I digress. Sometimes, the reader tends to forget who’s point of view they’re reading from because Tris and Tobias have been built up so much together that they share the same story. On another note, it was pretty interesting to see what Tris and Tobias thought of a certain situation. For Tobias, we got to see him interact with his mother, Evelyn. If the story was online told by Tris’s point of view or told the way it’s normally told, I think we would’ve gotten a lengthier book. So not only did Roth give us something different but she made sure that didn’t bore her readers. Straight and to the point is exactly the approach that Allegiant takes.

Supporting Characters: There’s just so much that can be said about this band of supporting characters. Like I said in my Insurgent review, every other character in the book that wasn’t Tris or Tobias didn’t seem useless. You have Christina, who survived until the end and served as one of Tobias’s best friend. Not only that, but Tobias could see a little of Tris in Christina that he couldn’t bear for a while because he couldn’t stand being with someone that even had a little smudge of Tris in them.

Evelyn and Marcus, Tobias’s parents were also very interesting characters in the book. In the end, Tobias chose to save his mother who he didn’t think would take the bait. But the scene where Evelyn chooses to become a mother was great symbolism by Roth. Evelyn failed as a mother in her previous life but because of the reset, she now can start over and give Tobias the mother that he truly needed.

Peter was a huge villain in the first book, Divergent. He was the best inductee into Dauntless it seems and was seemingly next in line to be a carbon copy of Eric. However, in this book, you can’t help but feel for him despite all the things he’s done in the past. The realization that Peter had about not wanting to remember himself because he knew he was bad really had me rooting for Peter here. In just a simple matter of events, Peter went from being a huge villain to someone the reader would want to root for.

As for the rest of the characters such as Uriah, Zeke, Tori, David, and Caleb, they were all beautifully written for too. Every character had a purpose in the book and didn’t feel like filler. Roth did a good job utilizing all her characters until the very end.

Emotional Ride: I thought the first two books took me on an emotional ride but Allegiant takes the cake for that award. From people dying to people reconciling, everything was carefully placed. Not too much and not too little moments happened which can attest to the great pacing this book has. The ending and the epilogue really did it for me but I’ll discuss more about that in the next point. If you haven’t shed a manly tear from reading this book, then I don’t know what will.

The Ending: Everyone wants a happy ending right? Well, sometimes we just don’t get that with all books. Veronica  Roth was given a lot of heat because of the ending she chose but after reading more about why she chose that ending and even before that, I totally understand her decision to have Tris not make it to the end. All this time, people were sacrificing themselves for Tris but finally, at the very last second, Tris finally died an important death. Tris died in place of her brother Caleb, who she felt betrayed by no less. It’s that kind of writing that really hits someone. Despite hating Caleb, Tris forgave her brother for all the things that he did and was willing to die for him.

The part where Tris sees her mother asking if she’s done yet might’ve been the most emotional thing that I’ve read in a book…ever. Whether you liked the ending or not, Roth did a good job keeping her readers interested in her books all throughout. We can always think up of our own scenario as to how we wanted everything to end, I’m sure everyone does that.

Not to mention the goings on in the epilogue with Tobias trying to cope with life without Tris. We see Tobias wanting to take the memory serum but is stopped by Christina. She gives him a pep talk saying that Tris wouldn’t want Tobias to forget her which again might’ve been the end of me had I not taken a break before reading the epilogue. The emotion was there, the writing was brilliant, you felt what the characters felt. Finally, having Tobias overcome his fear of heights was excellent. It showed just how much Tobias has changed as a person, how much Tris was an influence to him.

The Bad:

Tobias is Genetically-Damaged: We find out that Tobias isn’t really Divergent and is in fact, genetically damaged. Here, Tobias feels like he isn’t on the same level as Tris or doesn’t deserve Tris just because he is genetically damaged. I know that’s not how Roth would’ve wanted her readers to portray it, but in my eyes, that’s how it felt like. So what if he was genetically damaged? He’s still Tobias. To me, it didn’t really make sense and made Tobias look a little childish. I was quite annoyed at the fact that Tobias acted the way he did but luckily, this didn’t last for very long.

The Ending: Yes, the ending is both in the good and bad sections of this review, it’s not a mistake. While I understand Roth’s decision to kill off Tris, the events leading to it totally killed me emotionally. Like I said, this book really takes you on an emotional ride. Not just in this one book but the entire series as a whole really plays with your emotions. Not to sound cliché or anything but that’s how I really felt about the book. I know everyone wanted a happy ending but sometimes, we don’t get what we want, and that’s what happened here. I could see this book ending happily but I’m fine with the way it ended so color me a satisfied reader.

Overall: What a way to end the Divergent series. I can honestly say that I’ll miss reading this book so I might even read it all the way through again. But going through that emotional ride might stop me from reading this book. Then again, that could be the reason for me to read it. Nothing but good things can be said about the Divergent series as a whole. Despite the heat that Roth got for the ending of Allegiant, there are still many readers out there feel that what she did was fine and there are others that are still furious. In my opinion, if you get heat the way Veronica Roth did about the ending of this book, you’ve done a great job making your readers care about the characters you create. I’m sure Roth would do this a million times over despite all the negative stuff that was said about it. Well-written, beautiful story, what more can you ask for right? Excellent.

Rating: [rating=4]

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