So on last night’s episode Monday Night RAW WWE pulled a move most likely as an attempt to keep RAW’s ratings afloat ahead of SmackDown’s upcoming live debut & the brand extension return; they turn AJ Styles heel and reunite their incarnation of the Bullet Club. Fans online instantly gave the turn hatred, calling it a ‘dumb move’, they’re absolutely right and here’s why:


Since debuting in WWE only a mere five months ago at The Royal Rumble in January, AJ Styles has been on fire. Receiving loud pops, selling out merchandise, becoming one of the most over guys in the company, and effectively becoming one of their top babyfaces in almost an instant. When WWE finally debuted the Bullet Club (known as The Club in WWE) sometime afterwards everyone knew the plan was to reunite the NJPW boys back together eventually, and some even saw the heel turn coming sooner than later, WWE pulled the trigger on the pre-expected turn, but here’s the main issue with this; they did it at the most idiotic, and let’s face it insulting (intelligence wise) time.


Let’s go down a list of reasons why not only was this stupid due to timing, but why it also directly insults the fans intelligence:

1: If you were going to turn AJ Styles heel (which most people eventually soured on due to AJ’s crowd reactions), why didn’t you do this when he was first shown acknowledging The Club, which people expected before his debut?

2: You had him feuding with Chris Jericho around Mania, while it would have admittedly been too early for the turn, especially if you weren’t going to put AJ with the Club the instant they debuted (due to issues with Gallows & Anderson still being connected to NJPW), it would have at least been ok pulling a double turn with Jericho/AJ. Granted this is reaching, but I’m just making an example.

3. You had AJ finally affiliated with The Club feuding with WWE Champion Roman Reigns and the Usos. Though Reigns should have turned, why didn’t you turn AJ while he was gunning for the strap?


4. You have AJ & Roman feud for two months and the storyline is “so…who’s the bad guy?”. This isn’t internet speculation this is the story you wrote for our viewing pleasure. WHY DIDN’T YOU TURN HIM THEN?

5. About a week or so prior to this week’s RAW you have AJ break it off with The Club due to their actions towards the former (Roman), so now naturally the belief is whomever out of the Finn Balor/Samoa Joe NXT Championship match that loses will get called up and aide AJ in a feud against Bullet Club,this obviously doesn’t happen….why?

6. John Cena returns on RAW after recovering from injury and filming American Grit for FOX, and for some insane reason NOW you opt to turn him…with the Bullet Club, another insult.

There’s no doubt that AJ Styles/John Cena will be an amazing feud, but there was no reason to turn Styles if you weren’t going to turn him prior to the feud occurring, there was absolutely no reason why this couldn’t have been a babyface vs babyface feud considering the circumstances, and it’s creative issues like this that makes WWE hard to stomach when it comes to full 1-3 hour viewings sometimes.

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