The anime adaptation of A Certain Magical Index continues with a spinoff based on fan favorite Mikasa, entitled A Certain Scientific Railgun. Taking place both during and before the events of Index, the series gives an extended look into Mikasa’s character.



A Certain Scientific Railgun is an 2009 anime series, it is the spinoff of A Certain Magical Index II. It is produced by J. C. Staff, and is licensed by Funimation. It is currently available on streaming services, as well as DVD and Blu-Ray.

Choosing to focus most of its attention on fan favorite duo Mikoto Mikasa and Kuroko Shirai, A Certain Scientifc Railgun acts as both a prequel and sequel to predecessor A Certain Magical Index. While still technically a Shonen series, the heavy use of female characters meant having Railgun go with a lighter feel in comparison to Index, which could get pretty dark, especially in the later episodes. Not that there’s any issue with the slight change, as the action and drama are still pretty heavy.

Fan favorites Mikasa & Shirai take center stage.

Fan favorites Mikasa & Shirai take center stage.

THE GOOD: Fans of A Certain Magical Index have no reason to worry with the new leads, they’re just as great here as they were in Index. The fun action scenes are back as well thanks to the series being handled once again by A Certain Magical Index producer J.C. Staff, season one also sheds light on Mikasa’s past

Mikasa ready to attack.

Mikasa ready to attack.


THE BAD: While Toma makes a few episodes worth of a cameo in season two it would have been cool if he and Index showed up during the first season, though considering it’s the “prequel” portion of the series it’s understandable. The yuri fan service won’t be for everyone.

The four leads of Railgun.

The four leads of Railgun.


OVERALL THOUGHTS: A Certain Scientific Railgun is a fine spinoff series of A Certain Magical Index. With Mikoto and Shirai taking the lead it was able to successful bring major focus to minor characters (barring Mikasa) of the Index series, while introducing some new ones. Touma and Index not having a cameo in season one sucks, bt=ut considering season one’s position in the franchise, it’s understandable. Otaku Dome gives A Certain Scientific Railgun an 85 out of 100%.


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