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As some of you might know (Or none of you might know) in April 2013 EA launched a voting campaign for the cover of NHL 14. The contest was between John Tavares and Martin Brodeur. Now we know who won… Martin Brodeur! 210-260 200-310 SY0-401 810-403 300-320 400-101   Read More ...

Irrational games has confirmed that late July will host the reveal of new Bioshock Infinite DLC, the first of three that will be available for season pass owners.

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DC has announced that the focus of the upcoming Villains mouth and crossover event ‘Forever Evil’ will be the former boy wonder, Nightwing. This initially caused concern among some fans as the man making the announcement, Dan Didio, originally wished to kill off Dick Grayson during another crossover event, ‘Infinite   Read More ...

Our review of Doodle Jump Kinect will come soon after we receive our review copy from Activision, view the press release and trailer below:   Doodle Jump for Kinect Debuts on Xbox 360 Today Doodle The Doodler Rockets into Living Rooms with Launch on Xbox Live June 28, 2013 –   Read More ...

Otaku Dome is proud to announce our first interview with The Farm 51, developers of Painkiller: Hell & Damnation & the upcoming Deadfall Adventures. We will discuss Deadfall, their thoughts on the PS4 & Xbox One, and more. Expect the interview to be posted over the weekend.

We already know the Xbox One won’t come with a headset for online chat, but Microsoft is apparently working on a way to support forwards-compatibility using the Xbox 360’s in-box headset.   Xbox support said on twitter that they were looking to make an adapter that would allow the old   Read More ...

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Firefall is getting close to leaving it’s closed beta. This free to play MMO-shooter now includes a story mode, new PvP, and a new mode called “Jetball.” Also just added was Blackwater Anomaly, Firefall’s first story mission, Blackwater Anomaly will pave the path for Firefall’s story mode, but won’t be   Read More ...

We’ve received our copies of Deadpool and Poker Night 2 from Activision and Telltale, expect our reviews upon completion of the games, more review copies maybe on their way.

id Software’s president Todd Hollenshead has been confirmed by Bethesda to have stepped down from his role in the company.

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Earlier in the year we saw intriguing screenshots of a mysterious new game from publishing juggernaut Bethesda. Later we found out that the game was another Wolfenstein game, a franchise that has been published by Activision in the past.

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